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Delivering value, solving complex problems, promoting delight and encouraging smiles.

Our current focus includes:

  • Scale-able conceptual design and planning work for project financing and marketing. 

  • Residential and light commercial design, engineering and bid documents.

  • Contract administration and advising.

  • Project troubleshooting and consulting.

  • Teaching and Research


We Believe:


  • Lanterns are delightful, way finding elements.  Building as lantern has become the overarching design parti for the firm. The fireside room as a lantern is also central theme in both our residential and commercial work. 

  • We should carefully consider engagements such that we can maintain  commitments with an underlying belief that the diversity of what we do promotes uncommon innovation and keeps us interesting.

  • The way we engage and the efficiency at which we operate promotes long term relationships.

  • Every opportunity should add some contributing fabric to making our world a better place. 

  • Experience doesn't mean perfect projects.... Experience means we have learned how to quickly overcome the inherent challenges associated with the development process and maintain momentum.

We Believe:

  • In a client concentric practice, delivering service one and two projects at a time.

  • In Listening, encouraging, advising and collaborating toward the most exciting, cost effective, delightful solution.

  • In project controls and visualization practices to ensure you are in the most favorable position as you make decisions. 

  • We = you , me and the development team.

We Believe:

"We can do it, and we're ready to help."




In addition to the ongoing consulting practice, Mike has been directly engaged in development planning and advising with Colorado State University and teaches virtual design and construction as well as the project development process to engineering and construction management students and professionals.   Teaching from a mentor in the middle perspective has allowed for an effective translation of over 35 years of industry experience towards an interdisciplinary, experiential learning practice. We research, learn, and invent with students and professionals, we then applying this ever-advancing body of knowledge to our practice. We embody a can do, efficient attitude rooted in learning, dependability, care and kindness.

Mike grew up in the trades ---- working his way through school in the construction industry.  He  become a licensed architect in the late 90's,and most recently completed additional coursework and examinations to be licensed and certified as a building code official by the International Code Council (ICC) and maintains certifications as a Design Build Professional by the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA).


Mike has participated in projects primarily in Kansas and Colorado and has a couple of international engagements including work in China and Mexico. During construction and bidding, Mike is often commissioned for trouble shooting, to help solve complex design geometry and engineering problems that require a quick turn around to maintain project schedules.

Ben is Mike's son. He has revealed an uncommon and exciting talent for both design and construction and is rapidly gaining industry experience. Ben is currently maintaining the Western University Exchange scholarship studying architecture and architectural engineering at Montana State University. Over the years, Ben has become a trusted resource, really good sportsman, over the shoulder adviser, and is starting to develop an emerging aptitude for BIM. Ben promotes fly tying and fly fishing to inform design ideas and perhaps a more balanced, relaxed approach to work and life.  In Ben's emerging work, we see a thoughtful, site-based context with a purity of intent that seems grounded in his love of nature.

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